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Burke & Marcussen are organizational psychologist dedicated to supporting our clients achieving their goals and meeting their challenges.

Burke & Marcussen offer best of two worlds. We combine 60 years of experience and results from working both in-house and external.

Our rich network of specialized consultants and experienced leaders have also in-house and external experiences.

In both cases Burke & Marcussen have worked with global companies from different sectors:

  • Supply chain companies like Danfoss and LEGO
  • IT companies like TDC and Atea
  • Pharmaceutical companies like TAKEDA and Leo Pharma
  • Contractors like Siemens and Per Aarsleff
  • Public sector like Forsvaret, Banedanmark, Rigshospitalet, Region Syddanmark, Udenrigsministeriet and Københavns Kommune
  • NGO´s and unions, European Humans Rights Organization, Finansforbundet, Lægeforeningen and Forsikringsforbundet.

We provide a range of services withing the field of organizational psychology:

  • Leadership Development
  • Organizational Transformation
  • Talent Development and Management
  • Executive Coaching
  • HR Architecture
  • Change and Mergers

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We understand you and challenge you

If you as a consultant are to be of real help, you need to have a deep understanding of the reality within companies – challenges, opportunities, growth.

We have the knowledge and experience that can only be gained through many years of working with companies’ often turbulent and unpredictable daily lives. We have the perspective on the life cycle of companies that can only be achieved through decades of long careers in companies.

Still, understanding cannot stand alone, it must be combined with disruption. Businesses need that disruptive element, which must challenge the natural tendencies towards complacency and blind spots.

We have the specialized consulting knowhow gained from professional immersion. Wee offer the broad perspective and vision that comes from having helped hundreds of companies and individuals in private, public companies and NGO´s. We use this to challenge and inspire leaders to think and act in new ways.

Heritage and future

We are group-analytic specialists trained in the psychodynamic understanding of organizations, groups and individuals

Our deep roots in the century-old psychodynamic profession and tradition provide unique understanding and methods for the transformation of systems and groups. Furthermore, it provides understanding and guidance to people’s deep transition process, which provides long-lasting and sustainable change. This can occur when you have both the will and the tool to work with both rational and the irrational aspects of human, group and system changes – we work above and below the surface!

We combine a solid professional foundation within the hundred-year-long psychodynamic tradition and profession with the very latest research in management and organizational psychological models and methods, i.a. inspiration from neuroscience.

Among other things, this provides an understanding of the importance of emotions in the workplace. We see emotions as data – Thick Data. Emotions are the sensors of evolution for us and should be respected as valid data. Thick Data can be data on human well-being, data on the company’s course and data on the level of trust in a management team.

Stephen Burke

Stephen Joseph Burke born and raised in Ireland. He has worked in Germany, Denmark, Mexico, China and Singapore.

Stephen holds a master’s degree in Psychology and has an BA in Leadership.

Even after over 30 years of working in HR organizations for global companies, his passion for psychology has never faded. Whether it is building a global learning organization or helping design working environment like activity based working He brings psychological aspects into his work.

As a leader he has led diverse HR organizations in different regions and cultures.

He is authorized in a large number of psychometrics from CPI to 16PF to Hogan to HBDI. Besides holding a master’s degree in psychology, he holds a 3-year degree in group dynamics from the Institute of Group dynamics in Aarhus Denmark. He is authorized in MBTI and has also worked with other group inventory like Belbin’s roles and DiSC.

Stephen is strongly influenced by the works of Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Lev Vygotskij and Aleksej Leontiev. Stephen has his base in UK but works a lot in other European countries especially in Scandinavia.


Jesper Marcussen

Jesper is an organizational psychologist authorized by the Danish Psychological Board. Jesper has designed and executed many management and organizational development courses over the past 30 years in a variety of organizations from large multinational companies, the largest public organizations in Denmark, small and medium-sized owner-managed companies and national and international NGOs.

Jesper’s customer list includes Per Aarsleff, Danfoss, Lego, Siemens and Atea, among others. Public companies; The Armed Forces, Rigshospitalet, the Region of Southern Denmark, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the City of Copenhagen. NGOs and trade unions; European Humans Rights Organization, Finansforbundet and Forsikringsforbundet.

Certified in most occupational and organizational psychology test and profile methods, Jesper can offer a wide range of occupational psychology methods adapted to the needs and wishes of the simple company.

For many years, Jesper has been a guest lecturer and consultant on the staff at the Master of Psychology of Organization, RUC. Since 2010, Jesper has been a co-designer and general consultant at the General Practitioners’ Association’s management education; Physician and Leader, and since 2004 program manager at Executive Leadership Training ELT, Burke & Marcussen’s leadership training course.

Jesper’s strong academic background stems from the Psychodynamic Systems Theory. Jesper is, among other things, trained as a Group Analyst from the Department of Group Analysis, Core Training and Masterclass in ISTDP and expanded with the latest research and theory in areas such as neuroscience and management from MIT, Sloan School of Business, Presencing Institute / Otto Scharmer, Mindsight Institute / Dan Siegel , UCLA and Singularity University.

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