Leadership development

Todays leaders must balance analysis, decision making and the implementation of the organisation’s overarching strategic goals, and concurrently be personable and create meaning and engagement for their employees.

Burke & Marcussen design and implement leadership development for a number of danish and international leading businesses and organisations – private and public, large and medium-sized alike.

Our experience demonstrate that competent and confident leadership is the foundation for positive development within the organisation. Over and over, we notice that changing priorities, goals and restructuring of organisations require the individual leader and the management structure to break boundaries and think innovatively whilst remaining balanced.

All leadership development courses aim to support:

  • You have specific and current challenges within your professional role such as challenges of teamwork, which you are looking for inspiration to deal with.
  • You are dealing with sensitive processes of change, where a neutral sparring partner can be useful.
  • You are looking for an enhanced understanding of yourself in your managerial role and a foundation to develop your competencies.
  • You are a decision maker and can benefit from understanding how your experiences and feelings impact on your leadership style.

Burke & Marcussen’s experienced and professional consultants assist organisations to:

  • Mobilize and develop leaders and management teams at all levels.
  • Support leaders and management groups though processes of change and development.
  • Find the optimal solution for the individual customer.

Burke & Marcussen’s leadership development programs are uniquely designed to fit the needs and challenges of the individual client.

Leadership development is aimed at private and public organisations, large and medium-sized alike, wanting to develop the organisation’s awareness of leadership and gain a more homogenous perception of management.

Effective leaderships teams

It is crucial to the effectiveness of the organisation that the management team is able to create synergy within their teamwork and use the team’s joint potential to work towards a shared goal. Still, this is not always the reality – management teams may not work in an effective and productive way due to latent or manifest conflicts, that are not handled proactively.

Burke & Marcussen’s concept for developing effective leadership teams are tailor-made to address specific challenges in a way that ensures a goal orientated development. The goal is to increase the synergy of the team and their ability to work in partnership, create visions and work towards goals, thus supporting the organisational effectiveness and development benefitting the organisation as a whole. The training is organized around the very tasks the leadership team were to complete anyways. This ensures relevance and engagement – and as a side benefit the leadership teams gets to invest their time developing in the actual work, for example a budgeting process.

Our concept consisting of a joint course for the leadership team as a whole and individual coaching for each participant from the management team. The joint course consists of work around group dynamics whilst working on defining the main function of the management team. The individual course consists of coaching sessions for the individual manager, aiming to support personal development within the leader role and to address the individual contribution to the team process.

All courses aim to support:

  • Joint management platform and synergy within the management team.
  • Development of a High Performance Team.
  • Drawing on others’ competencies and diversity.
  • The individual manager’s personal competencies within the leader role.

Burke & Marcussen’s experienced and professional consultants assist organisations to:

  • Create team spirit and joint goals within management teams.
  • Enhance efficiency within management teams and the organisation as a whole.
  • Find the optimal solution for the individual customer.

Development processes demands continuity, making the course of a longer duration. Team orientated management development frequently consists of a team development course of 7 days duration, split into an initial block of 2-3 days, follow up days and an individual coaching course with 5 sessions of 1½ hours duration. The course stretches over 7-8 months depending on the nature of the task.

Team orientated management development is aimed at private and public organisations, large and medium-sized alike, wanting synergy in executive levels.

Individual coaching

Individual coaching is suitable for managers and staff at all levels.

Reasons to choose individual coaching include:

  • You are dealing with sensitive processes of change, where a neutral sparring partner can be useful.
  • You have more fundamental considerations regarding your career that you would like to clarify.
  • You would like a better understanding of yourself in the role as leader/staff member and a foundation to develop your competencies.
  • You have specific and current challenges within your professional role such as challenges of teamwork, which you are looking for inspiration to deal with.

Individual coaching consists of 5 sessions of 1½ hours duration. There are usually about 3-4 weeks between sessions.

Executive coaching

Executive coaching is aimed at executive managers and offers advanced level management and organisational theory. The course commences with an optional assessment, which is used as basis for coaching.

Reasons to choose executive coaching include:

  • The implementation of the company´s strategy by strengthening the leadership by strengthening the power of leadership in the organization.
  • The individual leader to develop in relation to new demands and challenges.
  • The individual leader to be able to convert personal strengths and areas for development into professional competencies.
  • The management team working as an entity creating synergy, unison and a shared focus for the organisation and staff.

Executive coaching consists of 7 sessions of 1½ hours duration. Usually, the time span between sessions would be 3-4 weeks. We offer a high level of flexibility in terms of sessions outside office hours and cancellations at short notice.

Stress coaching

Stress coaching is aimed at managers and staff members who wish to work on the situations that create stress in their personal and working lives. Whether you are currently off sick or experience stress in specific situations at work, the coaching will focus on symptoms of stress and their potential increasing or decreasing and should be seen as help to self help.

Reasons to choose stress coaching include:

  • You wish to create a balance between work, family and your personal values.
  • You want to make issues around the stress you experience evident in order to be able to work on your situation.
  • You experience psychological stress as a result of the uncertainty of organisational change processes.
  • You want to enhance your ability to set boundaries.

A stress coaching course consists of a minimum of 5 sessions of 1½ hours duration, but often more. Usually, the time span between session would be 1 week initially and 2-4 weeks between the last sessions.

HR Architecture

Human resource architecture is a framework by which an organization determines the design of human resource support processes.

The HR support a business needs depends on the organization’s present situation and its plans for the future. i.e. the size of the organization today and the plans to expand, if the expansion is in other countries or regions of the world.

In general, there are basic HR setups that are flexible and expandable. Designing a HR model that fits your organization is always a question understanding the organizations HR deliveries, for example:

  • What are the recruitment needs?
  • What are your reward setup?
  • What is your approach to talent?

Today the discussion is often on what processes are driven centrally (Centers of Expertise) and what processes need to be embedded locally (HR partners embedded in the organization). Other discussions are about the use of people analytics and how to put the enormous amount of data we can have at our disposal to use for the benefit of the organization.

Whether your focus is on talent development or Diversity and Inclusion, your design will determine your outcome.

Burke & Marcussen have a long experience working with the design of HR models for organizations both globally and locally.

ELT: Executive Leadership Training

Executive Leadership Training – ELT – is a leadership training for experienced managers and leaders who want to develop and strengthen their personal leadership style in relation to strategy implementation and organizational development. ELT has existed since 2004 with Jesper Marcussen as program manager and is carried out in collaboration with Ashridge Business School.

The education is a forum where you at a high professional level can explore and solve the current challenges that lie in the leadership role and strategic decisions. The education has a strong focus on personal leadership in relation to change, strategy and implementation.

The theoretical basis is the psychodynamic organizational psychology, which is combined with the latest management theories and research within e.g. neuroscience.

  • You will strengthen your ability to translate strategies and future requirements to a tactical level.
  • You will be given theoretical tools to deal with the daily challenges as a leader.
  • You get a new network and the opportunity to share knowledge with other managers from non-competing companies.
  • You will strengthen your understanding of strategy implementation, leadership and group dynamics and development.

It is a point that participants at ELT are from both private companies, public companies and interest organizations: The diversity provide a unique space for experience and learning.

Companies that use ELT: Lego, Danfoss, Atea, Leo Pharma, Nordea, CBS, KEA, DR, COOP, BEC, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economic and Business Affairs, Region H, Copenhagen Municipality, the Danish Labor Market Board, Finansforbundet, Dansk Arbejdsgiver Forening, Dansk Industri, Forsikringsforbundet oa.

Training course

The ELT course consists of 12 course days divided into five modules of two to three days duration, of which one module is held at Ashridge Business School, London. All modules take place on a boarding school basis.

In parallel with the modules, you undergo an individual coaching course based on a 360 ° leadership measurement.

The participants are divided into smaller groups, which have the task of solving a specific case in one of the participants’ companies. The work must result in an account of the applicability of the theories in practice. The program takes place over a period of 7-8 months, and ends with an exam.

Price: dkr. 96,900 excl. VAT. The price includes accommodation and catering on all modules, flight ticket to / from London, 360 ° Management Quality Measurement, four individual trainings and materials.